Our Story

NOLA was dreamt, designed and built by local couple Anthony and Josephine. They spent the last 6 years touring the world in their band Oh Wonder, and found so much joy waking up in a new city each day and using coffee as a way to not only explore, but anchor themselves. A local coffee shop is always comforting; even if you are thousands of miles away from home, you can still feel part of a community. After abruptly cancelling their 2020 world tour due to the pandemic, Anthony and Josephine used lockdown to focus on their neighbourhood and create a haven from what has recently felt like an unpredictable, hard and lonely time. NOLA is an embodiment of all their favourite experiences of cafes around the world distilled into one beautiful space, and they really hope you enjoy it.

Our Suppliers

We work hard to keep our coffees seasonal, and constantly change our selection to bring new coffees to Peckham. All our beans are single-origin and ethically and sustainably sourced. We are proud to use a Mavam Mach 2 espresso machine from Seattle, one of only a few in the UK. We also try to work with suppliers who are doing good things, including Mork (ethically-sourced hot chocolate), Good & Proper Tea, Prana Chai, You & I Kombucha, Daily Dose juices (made from wonky veg) and Lemonaid (organic and fair-trade lemonade).

We sell a curated selection of locally-baked sourdough toastues, bagels and fresh pastries every day, including gluten free and vegan options.

Our Community

Every month we donate to the SE15 community fund that offers financial help to our neighbours who are struggling due to the pandemic. You’ll also find a donation box next to our coffee machine - all proceeds go to award-winning charity Power The Fight, who are doing fantastic work to empower communities to help end youth violence.

We pay all our staff London living wage to support London’s higher cost of living.

Our Environment

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and avoid using thousands of plastic milk bottles by using 13 litre pergals from The Estate Dairy. All our coffee cups and bags are compostable and our coffee grounds are composted daily.

Meet some of our staff...

Suby is a NOLA barista and the maker behind Tama Ceramics, a London-based ceramic artist/sculptor recently graduating with a BA in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins in 2020.

More on ceramics

If you've been into NOLA you will know Kurt, but what you might not know is he runs an apparel line - which most of the staff wear!

All things Flaash