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6oz Ceramic Cup

6oz Ceramic Cup

Our NOLA 6oz ceramic cup made by our friend Stick Ceramics.


How It's Made

A bespoke stoneware clay is mixed exclusively for this range, consisting of various white and black clays which includes a distinctive fine white molochite. Selected clays are cut into multiple pieces and ordered specifically; then wedged approximately 60 times per form. This ensures the clay in blended to the right tone, with minimal marble effects that makes certain that any air leaves the clay to avoid cracking in the kiln.

A standard white satin glaze is used on the 6oz flat white cups. Every piece is sanded down individually before the glaze is applied at varying thicknesses.

All ceramics are slowly fired initially to 1000 degrees, taking around 9 hours to reach this temperature, and then a further 36 hours for the kiln to cool down before opening. The second firing - glaze firing - reaches 1255 degrees in temperature, and again requires 36 hours for the kiln to cool before they are ready.

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